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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Why You Need the Perfect Guitar for Your Musical Journey

Buying a second-hand guitar can be a great idea to make small savings and sometimes you can find real nuggets. However, it is not always easy to find the right model in an indisputable state. There are a lot of parameters to take into account if you want to enjoy a material in good condition, with which the game sessions will be a real pleasure.


Advantages of buying on occasion

Price is often the most important factor that makes us turn to opportunity. For the same price, it is indeed possible to find a guitar in a higher range than buying new. This can become very interesting when looking for a guitar of very high end or midrange. If your initial investment exceeds 500 € then it is certain that with a little patience and perseverance you will find a guitar of higher quality, enjoying better materials and finishes. Ditto for beginners who are often tempted to afford an inexpensive guitar pack, between 100 and 200 €. They will find, for the same price, a guitar of much better quality on the side of the occasion and this can be decisive for the continuation of their learning of the instrument.

In return, finding your happiness on occasion may require time, it will be necessary to be armed with patience. It is always possible to fall directly on the best instrument that allows your budget, but in most cases, it will peel websites and classifieds. This can be seen as a disadvantage, but also as an advantage. Indeed, you will have the time to think about your purchase and, following the advice of our article, to choose in all serenity.

  • Another important point to emphasize, the purchase of a guitar of opportunity will allow you to have an instrument whose wood has already worked. Indeed, if it has been well maintained since its purchase and is of good quality, an instrument made with certain wood species (it is the same for the violin) ages very well.
  • Concretely an instrument having been played several years is enriched in sounds. However, for a species like spruce, it will take a number of years to enjoy warmer sounds, while the harmonic cedar table gives a warm sound from the start and ages less quickly than a spruce top. On the one hand, this can be an advantage because we take advantage of a guitar that has already lived and has improved over time (like a good wine), but the most passionate may prefer to see their guitar grow old as the years go by and move towards a new instrument. Make a visit to for the perfect result here.

So yes, all this is very informative, but the fundamental question remains: what is the right price for a used guitar?

What price to put in a used guitar?

You should know that at the discount you have every interest in turning to the occasion rather than the new one. When you buy a new guitar, whether online, in a music store or directly from the manufacturer, the discount is immediate and generally quite important. Your guitar can lose from 20% to 50% of its initial price in store, depending on the brand and model. Regarding the opportunity it’s simple, if you decide to sell it a few months later, its price will have fluctuated very slightly, everything depends on supply and demand.